Transform your tension into relaxation and strength 

Group lessons
The approach in Critical Alignment lessons is essentially different. In a lesson, exercises are first done with the help of a roll and strip, among other tools.

These tools help you to become aware of areas in your body that need relaxation. They also prepare your body for the asanas (yoga postures) so that your body can move freely without tension. 

The lessons are suitable for beginners and advanced students. View the class schedule and register now.

Private lessons
Private lessons give insight into your movement patterns and habits that can cause complaints. The emphasis is on learning good posture and movement in both yoga and daily movements. These lessons are tailored to individual needs and can be a great addition to participating in group lessons. The private lessons can be booked for one or two people and can take place at your own home. 

At the workplace
Keeping health and work in balance is not always easy. Good advice about posture and exercise can have a major effect on your employees. I can help with that. For example with good instruction and exercise against RSI and for a correct posture in the daily workplace. Workplace yoga is offered tailor-made and can take place at the company location.

Critical Alignment Therapie 

Since 1998 yoga has been used as a therapeutic form at the Critical Alignment Yoga institute to remedy physical complaints in special lessons.
The therapeutic applications of Critical Alignment have been developed by Gert van Leeuwen.

Critical Alignment Therapy sheds new light on complaints in the spinal column and related complaints. CAT is a method with a new form of anatomy that is based on bone connections that come about through relaxation. This creates a cohesion that uses so-called reflex forces, organized by posture muscles. The first principle of the method for chronic complaints is that stress and a wrong posture cause too much tension in the muscles of the shoulders, upper back and neck, or in other cases precisely in the lower back. This tension causes the skeleton to deform, causing nerves and blood vessels to get stuck and causing complaints. The second principle is that resolving complaints is based on collaboration: in addition to taking therapy lessons, you are asked to practice at home yourself. Patients learn to work on resolving or preventing their symptoms themselves.

After the intake, the Critical Alignment exercises are used specifically to tackle the source of the complaints.
An intake takes 60 minutes, during which the diagnosis is made and it is explained what Critical Alignment Therapy (CAT) can mean for resolving the complaint.
Following the intake follows an introduction to one or two exercises.

For which disorders?
- Purely physical complaints related to the spine: back pain, neck pain, whiplash, RSI (CANS), shoulder pain, hernia, sciatica, pelvic complaints
- Spine-related complaints in the arms and legs (appearance, pain, loss of strength).
- Stress-related complaints such as respiratory disorders, hyperventilation, fatigue, burnout.

The lessons can also be used preventively and for postural correction. A small group of max. 6 people


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